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Thank you for visiting my Sims site.  I want to thank you for your contributions to the Sims community - each and every one of you have made the Sims game so incredibly enjoyable.  Many of you have inspired me to not only create my site but to keep improving it and adding new creations.  Skins by JillD celebrated its 1-year anniversary in May 2003 and now hosts over 500 downloads for fans of The Sims.  I thought it was time that I open the lines of communication with others that have made the Sims community what it is today. 


The following is information about the Skins by JillD website and how I hope to work with other Sims creators and webmasters:



My heads and fashion skins rely on meshes that originate from other Sims sites.  My intent is to provide full credit and a link to all who deserve credit for these meshes.  If by chance I have overlooked this or have given credit to the wrong source, please let me know and I will correct the error immediately. Email JillD


Models & Fashions

Other skinners, site designers, and webmasters are welcome to use my heads to model fashions or objects on other Sims sites.  All that I ask for is a credit and a link back to my site, so your visitors will know where to download the models.  My fashion skins are not available for distribution or display.  My link button is available here.



My poses are original.  They are not available for download on the site, but I am offering to share.  If you are interested in using the poses you can request them by email.  Email JillD


Site Design - Bandwidth Preservation

I have recently added some mesh downloads to my site.  In an effort to preserve bandwidth I have created a system that encourages visitors to only download each mesh once.  I am more than happy to share the code used to create this bandwidth-preserving download system, however  I am still testing this entire process.  Note: It is not possible nor is anyone permitted to hotlink directly to the mesh downloads - attempts to hotlink directly will result in an error page.  


Affiliates & Collaboration

I am interested in affiliations and collaboration and welcome all inquiries.  Note that there is no guarantee that I will affiliate with your site.  I am interested in working with sites that have the following qualities:

  • Site is extremely well-designed and well-maintained

  • Site is updated frequently

  • Downloads are original work and extremely high quality creations

  • We agree on the meaning and purpose of affiliation

Please contact me if you are interested in affiliation or collaboration of any kind.  Email JillD


About the Skins by JillD website

Skins by JillD is owned an operated by me.  The site is non-profit, although I accept donations to help sustain the cost of hosting, which is funded by me.  I have no staff  nor am I seeking staff at this time.  If anyone out there is looking to have their high-quality work featured on my site as a "guest artist" I welcome inquiries (again, no guarantees).  Email JillD



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