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The primary purpose of this site is to provide fans of the The Sims with additional characters for use in the game play.  Access to this site and it's contents is free of charge, provided it is being used purely for entertainment purposes.


Other skinners. site designers, and webmasters are welcome to use my heads to model fashions or objects on other Sim sites.  All that I ask for is a credit and a link back to my site, so your visitors will know where to download the models.


The following may seem harsh, but is intended to make it clear that my files are not available for anything BUT game play!


Nobody is permitted to:

  • Rename* any files downloaded from this site

  • Recolor any skins downloaded from this site

  • Cut, Copy, or Paste any body parts from my skins into any other skin (such as lips, hair, eyes, etc).  This means you cannot use sections of bitmap files created by me.

  • Use my skins as a base for your own.  What does this mean?  If you open one of my files and start drawing over it or modifying it in any way you are in violation, even if you think the end result does not look like my work.

  • Redistribute, sell, or make a profit from any files obtained from this site

  • Submit my work to other websites for contests or distribution

  • Lead people to believe that you created my work

*Renumbering JillD skin files is permitted, but renaming the files and/or models is NOT permitted.  I typically offer female heads for 3 different meshes (hairstyles) and these are chosen carefully based on what I believe looks best on that model.   If you would like to use one of my heads on a different mesh, I am permitting you to change the 3 numbers that dictate the mesh that will be used with that skin.  I am NOT permitting anyone, under any circumstances, to change ANY OTHER part of the file name.  If you do change any other part of the file name, it will be considered stealing.




PERMITTED:  You may change "c720falgt_jilld_diana.bmp"  to "c757falgt_jilld_diana.bmp" or any other number.  The rest of the file must remain unchanged.  This will change Diana's hairstyle from Real Long to Real Bob.  Remember, if you are going to change the number, be sure you have the corresponding mesh installed or it will not work in your game.


NOT PERMITTED:  You may not change "c720falgt_jilld_diana.bmp" to "c720falgt_myfavoritesim" or any other file naming structure.  You may not remove the "_jilld_" from the file name as this is like a signature.  You may not change the name of the model (in this example from "Diana" to "Susan" or any other name).  Any of these actions are severe violations and will be considered stealing!










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