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General Info:   I am the webmaster and skin designer for www.skinsbyjilld.com.   All of my head textures are hand drawn - I do not use or convert photographs.  Everything on this site is designed by me.  I get my ideas by observing people on TV, magazines, and in real life.  When I look at people I think, "Now that person would make an interesting Sim,"  or "I want to use that person's lips on my next sim."   I have yet to walk up to someone in the grocery store and explain why I am staring at their eyebrows or the space between their nostrils :)  Somehow I don't think they would understand!


Email: jilld@skinsbyjilld.com


Age: Lets just say that I am older than I look, and younger than I feel.


Location: I live in Upstate NY with my husband Jim. 


Background:  I have an artist's education - a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree that I earned many years ago from the School for American Craftsmen at Rochester Institute of Technology.  While there, I specialized in metal crafts and jewelry design, but my studies also included drawing, painting, graphic arts, photography, interior design, fashion design, and more. 


I do not currently make a living with my art.  A career in the Technology Training industry has allowed me to maintain a more materialistic lifestyle that includes computers, techno-gadgets, cars, and a recently remodeled gourmet kitchen (designed by me, of course!) :) :) :)  My husband and I enjoy large family gatherings, home remodeling projects, and collecting classic cars. 


Favorite Saying:  "Fall behind quickly so you have time to catch up!"


What I love about The Sims: 

  • The creative aspects of The Sims - Designing the homes and characters. 

  • Having wealthy, beautiful sims that can live in mansions and party all day (hey, this is a game, afterall.)

  • It never rains and the lawn doesn't require mowing!

  • Reversible death

What I hate about The Sims:  

  • The ugly children that come with the game. (In fact, I deleted them all from the FAR file). 

  • Kids who are born looking nothing like their parents.  (I use a program called SimMetamorphoser to correct this.  SimMetamorphoser is available in the downloads section at http://www.simwardrobe.com)

  • The maid makes the bed my sim is still sleeping in, but leaves the dirty dishes on the table.

  • When a sim chooses the furthest bathroom and can't get there in time.

  • When there are 3 bathrooms and several sims decide to use the same one and get jammed up in the doorway.


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