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Instructions for downloading: 

Click on each picture to download the file.  You must have WinZip to extract the files into your Sims Skins folder.  For most people, the correct folder is C:\program files\maxis\the sims\gamedata\skins\  Required meshes should be installed in this folder as well.






What the Icons mean:

This sim has a daughter available for download.  Click on the icon to link to the daughter.

This sim has a son available for download.  Click on the icon to link to the son.

This sim has a mother available for download.  Click on the icon to link to the mother.

This sim has a father available for download.  Click on the icon to link to the father.






Required Meshes:  

The required head meshes are are NOT included with the downloads from this site, unless otherwise noted.  I now offer MESH DOWNLOADS for girls heads and all fashions.  All other downloads require that you obtain the mesh on your own.   You must have the mesh files installed in your game in order to see the heads downloaded from Skins by JillD.   My site provides the mesh name/number and site link, so you can get the required meshes.  The rest is up to you!  See the section below for additional information on how skins and meshes work.


Most required head meshes are from: 




Valeria's SimGirls

Sims Gogogo



Some skins are designed to work with standard Maxis head meshes (that come with the game).






Why aren't the mesh files included?  

There are several reasons why the mesh files are not included in the downloads:

1. Other talented artists create the meshes that make my Sim heads possible.  I believe that they deserve a visit to their web sites, as well as any fees or donations they request to access their work.

2.  Without the meshes, the files are much smaller, resulting in much faster downloads for you.

3.  Smaller files also helps minimize bandwidth usage on my site, allowing me to keep it free of charges, ads, and pop-ups :)

4.  Avid Sim players usually have the most popular meshes installed in their game already.  I believe it's wasteful to download the same files repeatedly for no reason.  We must be "bandwidth conscious" to keep the cost of the internet down.

Note:  I have recently created a mesh download system that considers the above factors.  The mesh downloads are maintained separately, and you are prompted to download the meshes ONLY if you don't already have them.  Please honor this system as it will truly help preserve bandwidth and keep my costs down.  I am testing this now and will see how effective it is over the next few months.






Terms & Conditions:

There are Terms & Conditions associated with use of this website.  Please review them to be sure you are following the rules!







Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to contact Jilld with any questions or help you need.  Are you a Webmaster or Sims Creator?  If so, click here.
















Help with skins & meshes








Mesh + Skin = Sim:

Sims heads are made up of 2 components, a skin and a mesh.  The head mesh is a 3 dimensional object that defines the size and shape of the sim's head and hair (imagine a carved chunk of unfinished wood).  The skin is the "wrapper" that defines what the sim looks like.  Without a skin, a mesh is a colorless, faceless object, and without a mesh, a skin is a 2D color drawing. 











In order for a Sim to be playable in your game, you must have both a mesh file and a compatible skin file.  There is actually a third file type (a .cmx file) included with the mesh file, that allows the mesh and skin files to "see" one another once they are installed in the game.  All three of these files use a numbering system that defines compatibility.  This is how your game knows what skins to display on specific meshes.


I do not create meshes - I only create skins.  There are very talented mesh creators out there and I will leave the meshing to them.   My skin files are created to cover specific mesh files - defined by specific file names and numbers.  If you do not have these mesh files installed in your game you will not be able to see the skins, even if you install them correctly.... you need both. 







Skin & Mesh Compatibility:

As mentioned earlier, Skins and Meshes use a numbering system that defines compatibility and each head has a total of three files that enable it to be seen in game play.  For example, in the picture above, the mesh shown is a standard Maxis mesh for adult females.  The three files that make up this head are:








The mesh files contains the data that creates a 3-D shape in The Sims.




The CMX is a data file that allows the compatible skin and mesh to see each other.




The skin is drawn onto the mesh and defines its appearance.






Notice that all three file names have something in common...   the "C001FA" is an important part of the file name.  Here is how it breaks down:  






Defines the files as a head (not a body)



Defines the specific mesh - could be any number.



Defines the sex of the sim (F/female or M/male)



Defines the age of the sim (A/adult or C/child)






It is the number that immediately follows the "C" (in this case "001") that makes a specific skin appear on a specific mesh. That is what we are concerned with for purposes of this discussion.  Read on...




Renumbering Skins for different mesh files:

If you have a mesh installed in your game and would like to see one of my skins on that mesh instead of the mesh it was created for, just renumber the file name.  It's very easy to do, but be VERY careful.  Be sure to ONLY change the 3 digit number that follows the "C" or you may not be able to use the skin at all.  Any other changes could also cause the file to cause major problems in your game.  Make the changes at your own risk!  I take NO responsibility for what might happen!


Now that you know how to renumber skins for different mesh files, let me review what I am giving you PERMISSION to do.



Renumbering JillD skin files is permitted, but renaming the files and/or models is NOT permitted.  I typically offer female heads for 3 different meshes (hairstyles) and these are chosen carefully based on what I believe looks best on that model.   If you would like to use one of my heads on a different mesh, I am permitting you to change the 3 numbers that dictate the mesh that will be used with that skin.  I am NOT permitting anyone under any circumstances to change ANY OTHER part of the file name.  If you do change any other part of the file name it will be considered stealing.



PERMITTED:  You may change "c720falgt_jilld_diana.bmp"  to "c757falgt_jilld_diana.bmp" or any other number.  The rest of the file must remain unchanged.  This will change Diana's hairstyle from Real Long to Real Bob.  Remember, if you are going to change the number, be sure you have the corresponding mesh installed or it will not work in your game.


NOT PERMITTED:  You may not change "c720falgt_jilld_diana.bmp" to "c720falgt_myfavoritesim" or any other file naming structure.  You may not remove the "_jilld_" from the file name as this is like a signature.  You may not change the name of the model (in this example from "Diana" to "Susan" or any other name).  Any of these actions would be severe violations and considered stealing!


See the Terms & Conditions for additional information regarding use of this website and files created by JillD.


Caution: Not all Meshes are the same:

This is really important...  not all meshes are the same size, so just because a skin fits one head mesh, does not mean it will fit another the same way.  Fionn's Real Head Mesh series are all compatible with the "Maxis 001" standard female head mesh, so skins for these meshes are interchangeable and they "fit" each other correctly (the nostrils fit over the nose and the chin is at the bottom of the head, etc.)


It is important to note that skins designed for Fionn's heads will not fit BNJxLVR or Valeria's SimGirls heads as they are very different sizes and shapes.


Better Choice:

If you really want to see a model with a different hairstyle, just email me with the request.  I really don't mind and then you don't have to worry about any of this!







Notice About Viruses









About Virus Protection and this website: is responsible about virus protection.   All files available for download, and all web pages and graphic images that make up the Skins by JillD website are scanned regularly and are free from viruses.  The email account and computers maintained by JillD are continuously protected by Norton Antivirus Professional with daily LiveUpdate checks.  Additionally, the email account used by JillD does not maintain an address book to prevent the spread of virus worms through email. 


Email Spoofing:

Some viruses use a technique known as "email spoofing" by which the worm randomly selects an address it finds on an infected computer. The worm uses this address as the "From" address when it performs its mass-mailing routine.  Numerous cases have been reported in which users of uninfected computers received complaints that they sent an infected message to another individual.

For example, Linda Anderson is using a computer infected with W32.Klez.E@mm.  Linda is neither using an antivirus program nor has the current virus definitions. When W32.Klez.gen@mm performs its email routine, it finds the email address of Harold Logan. The worm inserts Harold's email address into the "From" portion of an infected message, which it then sends to Janet Bishop. Then, Janet contacts Harold and complains that he sent her an infected message; however, when Harold scans his computer, Norton AntiVirus does not find anything, because his computer is not infected.

To learn more about email worm viruses and email spoofing, visit Norton.

My Personal Experience and Recommendation

I know that I have been victim to email spoofing as I have seen copies of emails "from" me with viruses attached.  I assure you that these emails have NOT been sent by me!  I would like to urge all people who are actively using the internet and email to maintain a virus protection program and keep it updated with current virus definitions. 


If for whatever reason you are unable to or refuse to protect your computer and your email account, PLEASE REMOVE my contact information from your address book!  Thank you!



















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